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We are always interested in connecting with great founders. If you are fundraising, please review our investment criteria. For general inquiries, contact us at


    We aim to be your first institutional money in a priced round of up to $4M. Most of our founders have already raised some money from friends and family to bootstrap their initial development and have a substantial technical demonstration ready to show.

    We typically write initial checks of $250k – $1.5M. We often lead but also syndicate with other like-minded investors. We reserve significant capital for subsequent rounds, and we have strong relationships with later-stage investors to help catalyze future funding rounds.

    We prefer startups with 1-3 founders, working full time. Generally, all of our founders have a technical background. An experienced business founder is a bonus.

    We focus on companies and founders based in North America. Occasionally we will consider other regions.

    We invest in a broad range of technologies and industries, including: robotics, industrial manufacturing, embedded systems, internet-of-things, ML and AI, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, healthcare, consumer electronics, and automation of all kinds. We see the merits of building full stack vertical solutions as well as horizontal technology platforms.

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